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Horse-riding lessons for adults and children!

Horse riding as a sports or leisure – you are the one to choose!

Time for a lesson is chosen individually. It’s an active sports entertainment rather than a regular exercise. Lessons are conducted under the guidance of experienced instructors with properly trained horses.

A lesson is usually divided into parts depending on a customer’s wishes and physical abilities.

“Beginners’ Course”

“Beginners Course” is designed for people who have never tried riding but are eager to learn! In our urbanized time is very difficult to believe that an animal may become your best friend. We give you a chance to understand it and decide on one of the man’s true friends – a horse.

The Beginners’ Course consists of 8 to 10 lessons per month and includes the following:

– Theoretical and practical training;

– Safety rules for horse handling and during lessons;

– Saddling;

– Riding position and correction of balance;

– Horse control;

– Sitting and rising trot;

– Gallop basics (short and extended gallop);

Riding includes many nuances. It might look simple and easy from outside, but there are no words to describe a rider’s feelings. You should give it a try on your own.

Ride double – it’s fun!

It is an opportunity to have a tremendous time yourself and to give it to your loved one.

You often doanything together?

We give you a chance to combine what you are doing!

Each person’s taste is individual, but it often happens that your partner is unsuspicious of your hidden potential. Impress them, giving a possibility to try something new and unusual. See each other in a different way!

It is an opportunity to try different horses, share your experience and follow one another’s development. This service is for those who are always together.


Go for a gallop in a park!

Horseback riding in a picturesque park area. Despite its location almost in the city center, the forest here creates fanciful interlacing of light and shadow. There is a gorgeous park belt situated within our premises. Outingherediscoversyourabilitiesasariderandgivesyouenergy boost for all day. Marvelousnatureandawarmhorseunderasaddle provide strong impression at all times, leaving lively recollections in your memory. Takeachanceofasafeadventure!

Give a gift!

You want to congratulate a loved one, make an ingenious present to a friend, an acquaintance or a relative? It’s easy!

You are making a decision on what to surprise you loved ones with? You need some ideas for an unusual gist and some bright impressions?

We can help you out!

Any service listed on our web-site can be bought as a GIFT!

There are exclusive gift certificates for every occasion. Besides, all certificates are personalized.

Help your relatives and friends’ dreams come true! Any boy dreamt of becoming a cowboy, a musketeer or Zorro – a gallant horse-rider. Any girl wanted to be a princess or a queen riding a unicorn.

We will make your celebration brighter!

Say cheese!

Pictures are the moments you want to remember. Make them bright and memorable!

Horsesareextremelybeautifulanimals. Manydifferentartistsworkedwiththisextremelyfascinatingmaterial.Horsescanconveyemotions, attitudes, beliefsandimpressionswithoutwords. Youonlyhavetocapturethe right moment. Our professional photographers are ready to create a fairy tale in pictures for you. It might be a legend of your wedding, dating or just a walk.

We are always open for new offers from photographers willing to work with us!